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NPK (10 – 52 – 10) + TE + AA 

Chemicals & Acids

Powder NPK 10-52-10 plus trace elements and Amino Acid, has a high percentage of phosphate elements. It dissolves 100% in water and can be used as an irrigation and foliar spray fertilizer in plants, and with a minimum amount of sodium and chlorine, it is suitable for use in alkaline and salty soils, and does not cause poisoning and leaf burn, and by its high phosphate as a primary fertilizer It is a good source for stimulate rooting and development of reproductive and flowering parts and increase yield in all agricultural products. It also is an anti-stress and increases the activity of enzymes.

Premium Quality

Our acids are formulated with the highest standards, ensuring superior quality for your chemical requirements.

Versatile Applications

Our acids find applications in diverse industries, offering unmatched flexibility for manufacturing, laboratories, and research purposes.

Reliable Performance

Trust our acids to consistently deliver reliable results, empowering you with precision and confidence in your endeavors.

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