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The dynamic team of Kimadaran is engaged in the creation of a dynamic economic mix in various fields of power generation from recycled energy, the production of granular triple superphosphate (GTSP) fertilizers, and the use of domestic soil to produce phosphoric acid.

Countries Resources for Phosphorus Acid

Other phosphoric acid producers, import their phosphate minerals (Apatite) while our engineers has designed our Phosphoric acid reactors in a way that countries own phosphate mineral can be use.

Production of Granular triple Superphosphate

Consuming more than 1 million tonnes of phosphorous Fertilizers in the country, has led the government to Import this type of fertilizer, while production of this fertilizer inside the country would help the economy.

Entrepreneurship & decreasing Unemployment

The number of employees from the start of the project will be more than 350 people, who will continuously be occupied thus, this would be a great help to tackle the problem of unemployment in the region.

Electricity and Renewable energy

Our Sulphuric Acid section has been designed in a way that with the waste thermal energy from burning Sulphur, a high-pressure steam is obtained and about five-megawatt electricity is produced.

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